Creating a sourdough starter

This video will demonstrate how easy it is to create a sourdough starter at home for making a variety of baked goods including bread.

Here are the steps I follow to create the sourdough starter.

1. Combine equal parts by weight flour and water. I use 150g of an organic rye flour with 150g(150ml) of water. Mix well and place in a clean glass jar.
2. Place the flour mixture on your counter and allow to sit for 2-3 days until it has started to form bubbles and has doubled in size. It should be somewhere somewhat warm.
3. Once it has doubled in size, remove half and discard. Replace with 75g of all purpose flour and 75g(75ml) of water and mix well.
4. Repeat step 3 daily for 6-7 days, discarding half and replacing with fresh flour and water. You should now have an active sourdough culture.

Check back for additional videos showing you how to produce a sourdough loaf.

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