making risotto

As I pointed out in my last post, this is the time of the year that the work load gets a lot heavier. The biggest issue for me is getting through the woodpile. As I said in the last video, much of the new content has been buried underneath a pile of wood.

The pile of junks is growing.

I managed to get to the bottom of one of the piles and found a video buried underneath. After a long day of cutting wood out through an early winter day, I wanted some comfort food, something that would fill me up and warm me up at the same time. Risotto fits the bill perfectly.

My bowl of freshly made mushroom risotto.

Risotto is a classic Italian dish that is both a technique and a dish. It is made with Arborio, which is a medium grain rice that is extra starchy, and results in a dish that is rich and creamy. When properly made, it produces a porridge like consistency.

I start by sautéing some finely diced shallots, followed with the addition of some mushroom pieces. Once my vegies were cooked, the rice was added to the pan, and the rice was fully coated with the oil, and allowed to cook for a few moments. The next step is to add the liquid, but it is not added all at once, but rather in stages. As the liquid is absorbed, you add more, stirring constantly. Once the grains are fully cooked, finish with a small amount of butter and parmesan cheese.

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