Dicing peppers

I’m back with another Technical Tuesday video. Last week’s video was all about dicing onion and I had a few people comment that they would love to see a video all about dicing peppers as well.

Well, I aim to please, so that is what this week’s video is all about. Just like so many of our kitchen tasks, the easiest way to do it is not always the most intuitive way, so unless someone show’s us, we have no idea how to approach it. This often leads to us feeling frustrated, and when we are frustrated, we don’t enjoy what we are doing. And in my humble opinion, when we don’t enjoy what we are doing, its going to affect the way our food tastes.

There is nothing fancy about my approach to dicing peppers, and really, its a pretty simple technique. Its the type of thing that anyone can master after one attempt, so long as you have a good knife grip.

Have a look, and leave me a comment if there is anything else that you want to learn to do.

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  1. Hey D’Arcy,
    Thanks for instruction on dicing peppers. I’ve done it almost similar but without the rollout method. I think that will certainly speed things up.

    Frank Gale

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